CO2 Reporting
Transformation Strategy
Employee Participation


Transformation Strategy

Employee Participation

Would you like to improve the environmental sustainability of your company in the long term?

Preparation and Certification of CO2 Reporting (CCF / PCF)

  •  We guide you step by step in the preparation of your CO2 balance sheet (company level CCF,
    product level PCF)
  •  We provide you with the knowledge to create future carbon footprint reports independently
  •  We support you during the certification process
  •  We mediate knowledge and experience exchange in your industry sector or region

Development of Transformation Strategies

  •  Together we identify the relevant environmental impacts of your company
  •  We work with you (and stakeholders) to develop company-specific environmental and
    decarbonization strategies and action plans
  •  We provide contacts to experts and research institutes for the development of innovative
    solutions (product or process innovations)
  •  We provide support in the preparation of sustainability reports

Employee Participation

  •  We train employees on aspects of environmental sustainability
  •  Together with employees, we develop concepts for active involvement in the transformation
  •  We support teams in the implementation and evaluation of sustainability measures
  •  We support organizations in thinking about environmental sustainability on an ongoing basis

Our Services

Course Overview CO2 Reporting


All (aspiring) environmental officers,
quality managers,
sustainability officers,

Basic knowledge of environmental management,
quality management or
controlling are an advantage

4 x 2 hours online workshops,
4 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching,
2 hours of peer learning,
as well as individual data collection in the organisation

(plus 19% VAT)

  •  Comprehensive introduction to environmental management and sustainability with a wealth of background, experience and examples
  •  Knowledge and application experience on carbon accounting, certification, offsetting and circularity
  •  Accompanying 1:1 coaching sessions for reflection and analysis of organisation-specific issues
  •  Calculation of the company’s CO2 footprint (Corporate Carbon Footprint)
  •  Preparation of the CO2 balance sheet on the basis of the international standard “Greenhouse Gas Protocol” (GHG)
  •  Knowledge of processes and methods for independent preparation of future CO2 reports

Date update:

For those who want to plan ahead:
the next but one course on CO2 reporting will take place in the 2nd half of 2024.
We are looking forward to your registrations for the preliminary meeting!

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